Grounded in a mission of helping others with growth and self-discovery, Communication Awareness provides clients with keys and tools to make gains in every aspect of life. Be   it personal or professional, CA coaching helps others find a path that leads to happiness, success, transformation in acquiring knowledge and understanding along with skills for  most fruitful life through consciousness expansion.

For over 35 years, Catherine Marks has facilitated change and helped people world-wide  reshape their lives and turn dreams into reality. In essence she provides guidance, insight, skill and support that ultimately manifests as focus, drive, and commitment to making the
most out of life.  Skills, Training and Releasing are a part of the process, as are emotional intelligence, people skills, relationships/relating, scenarios and situtations. Being Present.

All Sessions are Multi-Dimemsional
Life Coaching | Self Development | Corporate & Career Coaching | Workshops & Seminars
Relationships/Relating | Working With People, Scenarios, Circumstances - Skills |Creativity
 Communication & Awareness Coaching & Training | Presentations & Speaking

Imagination | Working With the Subconsious | Chakras | Color Work | Non-Local Realities
Tarot | Readings | Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions | Patterns | Clearings, Resolve

A sensitive, conscious channel, clairvoyant, empath, medium and energy reader who has worked with multidimensional realities and higher guidance throughout life...

Catherine Marks  early on was deeply trained in the skill of performance arts.  She has a background in creating learning events and writing, has worked
in business and corporate life, and is versed in PSI technologies.  She is a Clairvoyant (through the ancestral line), an Empath, An Intutive, Telelpathic, taps
into and uses the 5 Clairs. She is a Conscious Channel. 

Hypnosis Certified (NGH), Body Talk Certified, works with Energies and Light, Sound and Color,  is a Certified Medium and Psychic
(Natural and with many  years of trainging), Clairvoyant, Empath, Intuitive, Conscious Channel, Reads Clouds and Nature Aspects, is trained/certified
Highly accurate in Coaching, Psychic Readings. Other background and accuracy includes linear Timing, Life-Line Themes/Patterns, Balanced Communication Energetics, Energy Psychology. She gives many various Card Readings (including The Tarot).

She offers Communication Awareness Training and skill, Emotional Intelligence Training and skill.  She offers unique training in "Working with

Difficult People", Situations and Circumstances to Success.  She works with Patterns and dimensional factors to help clients to understand themselves,
release past limitations and open blocks for energy and creative flow with consciousness expansion.  She trains clients in the field of conditional and unconditional aspects or paradigms. She works with potentiality and possibilites, usually in 5D-Plus.

She is a Coach for many areas:  Life Coach, Transformational and Personal Development Coach, Business/Career Coaching, Relationship Coach,
PSI Technologies and  Extra Sensory Perception, The Intuitite and Creative.  Archtypes, Varous Modalities such as The Breath, Body talk, EFT, etc. 
In Communication and Awareness she trains and coaches the aspects of awareness, communication aspects and connection with powerful skills
and techniques.   She offers One-on-One Sessions and Groups Sessions as well  as Special Workshops, Dialogues and Forums/Seminars.  She works
a process with clients that brings about their own meaning-making in all aspects of creating in their lives and the life they want to live.

Her unique qualities are: presence, clarity, warmth, supportive, with  a strong charismatic presence and a unique perception
that wields together the  tempoal and dimensional as well as the emotion pallet and practical bearings at once. Her work is dimensional and  powerfully inspirational.  She is a Conscious Channel.

Many Realities, Many Lives. A thrist for leading-edge informatives that can give  more consciouness expansion and development
of what it's all about and how things work, PSI technologies, the Other Side and The Extraodinary Human Experience.  Her work encompasses a lifetime
of study and interest in communication awareness and PSI Technologies of Extraordinary Living and Extraordinary Human Experience as Gastalt or
holistic, sharing  and offering these informatics through client Sessions and group training semilnars and dialogues.  She lives in New York City, UES.


PSI Coaching in Technologies & Foundations | Clairvoyant Consulting | Visionary
Trends | Potentiality | Leading Edge: Cosmic Theories and Other Aspects



Commuication Awareness began over 35 years ago in one-to-one and small group sessions focused on comunication skill, awareness and a holistic approach.  The atmosphere of dialogue and training has ever been dimensional and included what we now call PSI technologies,  modalities
and skills of intutition, Psychic Life, Telepathy, Sensing and Knowing, Claivoyance, Empathic work, Deepening and more. Training along with skill levels included sensitivity work as it does today. While we use light trance work to suggest to the subconsious the success people can enjoy, today we offer hypnosis (certified) and self hypnosis along with meditation as vehicle work to promote new changes and new choices.

Workshops as well in vaious areas of learning/training and subject matter.  Dialogues, Talks, Forums and Seminars in the field of Communiation Awareness and exploration of Consciousness as this is the foundation of everything connected to Being and Life, Self as Experience of awareness and realities. What Consciousness is truly, and dimensionally alludes us. The worlds of information of all time have emerged through intent and  with some working ideas and current informative facts and theories, through The Ancients, through Science, through Stargates. Therefore asking questions and
getting more answers and therefore more questions, we study it as Consciouness explores itself.  As there is no Universal Now, it is your own presence
or consciousness in communication and awareness that creates your own Now.

Today, Life Coaching, Self Devlopment along with Business/Career, Realationships, PSI training and inspirational aspects and modalities-technologies of guidance and coaching are major areas of the work. Patterns and Life Readings. Spritual Oxygen.

Science, Art, Creative and Dimensional Living Experience
The World of Science offers experiements and proven results to certain requests for knowledge. We work with this as well other ways of gaining information/data or informatics as our own experience can tells us much and expands our consciousness temporally and dimensionally as we expand
and as consciousness evolves in the infinite.

Dialogues, referenced stories and conversation on current top theories in the leading edge field of Holograhic Universe.
As we make choices of where we are going, the ancients, uides, the akashic records and more hold information and messages that can guide us in
new ways as we learn more about ourselve, our experiences, realities and how it all works.

Science offers experiments and proven results to certain requests for knowledge.  We work with this as well as our own experience which
tells us much and expands our consciousness temporally and dimensionally as we as consciousness evolve in the infinite.