By: Catherine Marks

"Expect People to Be Who They (Really) Are"
This is a perfect opportunity for you (even if sometimes it seems like a challenge) to grow, expand, deepen and acquire some new skills...Often clients will complain that the people they work with, have inter-change with, close family, other relatives, in realtionships that the other person is not acting like they would like them to, to behave like they want.
So we always offer this quote!  "Expect People to Be Who They (Really) Are!" A reminder that this is an occasion where you may need to open and learn more about yourself, human behavior, non-judgement/non-critical approaches to life, people/ personality types as well as use the challenge to gain new skills.

Self Talk: "You Cannot Afford a Negative Thought"
Be mindful! Self Talk can be directive , creative, experiential or or a type of noticing aspect. It can be a great skill to inspire and uplift yourself approrpiately and also others! Have respect for Self and others.  Here is an opportunity to create your vision, your life, your day even your approach to others in a decerning manner, right position, attitude, level and rapport.

"Put Love In Your Heart - And Unconditonal Forgiveness!"
Get into your heart - and out of your head! Ease the incessant mind-chatter. There are many ways to do this. There are Breathing Modalities and techniques. There is Meditation: Have you started?  Have you deepened it? There is Self Hypnosis, Mediatation, Affirmations. There is getting to a paradigm cemter within (the work happens within) where you meet Light.  Grow to experience and know the Unconditional love for and in all Human Kind, other people, Self and all living things.

"In Everyday Life, The Foundation of Being is Required" -- "Your Presence is Required"
Needing to find yourself, find your life, get connected? Looking for "more"? This is where the foundation of inner connectiveness and Higher Self blended into everyday living is the answer. Take stock. You may have to evolve new processes, new communication, a new sense of Self, New Place in the World, New Reality . Go within and emerge in
new ways.

"Re-Vamp Your Living": Inner Shift to New Focus - Change Track to Soul Purpose, Noble Path. "Let's Dance"
Take the Highest Road Possible as the very best of what you can do, who you are, what you can offer and contribute.
How you can Inspire. Take the Highest Road with people and yourself. Take the Highest thought and best integral choice
to go forth on your journey. In this way whatever your journey, you can find a Noble Path to walk.  It is more than just a good idea. It makes the difference as you learn and grow, as you evolve in consciousness. Be at One with yourself
through your Higher Self. 

"As a Part of the Whole Uniquely - In the Foundation of Being - YOU are required as is Your Growth
and Contribution in the Unity, Balance and Design of All Consciousness"
Your Innate knows this, but your Intellectual Mind or Inner Monologue and Thoughts may sometimes Doubt.  Be assured, Connect -- Live from Your Higher Self.  Be Kind to Yourself and Others.  Explore, Create.  Help as You Can.  Use and
Expand Your Gifts and Abilities, Be Charitiable, Go Deep with Compassion.  You'll Find that You are on Your Right Path
in connecting.  Align, Attune, Just Be and Observe.  Amazing Things can be Experienced and Take Place.  Be Confirming, Gracious and Aware.  Listen and Look Deeper.

CURRENT CYCLES: Awakening from the Dark Age to the Dawning of the Golden Age and the Spiritual
The Information Age and The Age of Aquarius and The Age of New Cosmic Energy, New Realities, New Human
Kind, Spiritual Chakras, DNA Activation, The Pineal, Portals, New Healing Aspects, Higher Demensional Living,
The Communal and Holographic Mind, The Collective Unconscious, Consciousness Expansion, New Experience...